Amplify Your Progressive Voice to Enact Substantial Change

Read about our powerful phases of a social justice protest that apply 7 escalating phases of pressure on legislators to pass legislation pertinent to social movement objectives.

Group Leaders: Sign up your group to join a coalition of groups to defend and advance voting rights, racial equality, LGBT rights, protect the planet we share and more.

Civil Voice Groups supports all major social movement groups, nonprofits, and charities..  Our platform is for “doers”, for volunteers and organizations that deliver goodness.  Our platform was designed from scratch to assist verified and vetted organizations deliver their goals and mandate.

Using our integrated platform, our members can opt-in to simultaneously assist many different groups.  As well, organizations and groups can leverage the combined collective of all members users (followers or members of social movement groups) to help them deliver their goals.

Our platform understands that federal, state and congress representatives control social progress.  Our platform provides powerful “social justice” features to help politicians understand (and pressure them) to enact substantial change.  No other platform provides custom designed processes for members and organizations to leverage their voice to push forward substantial change.

Our Civil Voice Groups Platform will assist and empower all social movement groups:

  • Racial Equality Groups
  • Climate Change Groups
  • Women’s Rights Groups
  • Common Sense Gun Control Groups
  • LGBT Rights Groups
  • Free Trade Groups
  • Freedom of the Press
  • and more…

You provide the passion and energy:, Social movements and nonprofits will provide the leadership and our Civil Voice Groups platform will provide the trusted infrastructure, features, functionalities, management processes, task management, volunteerism functionality, communication processes and more to accomplish goodness based mandates and goals.

TOGETHER, we can and we will:

  • Pressure politicians to enact legislative change
  • Help social movement groups deliver their mandate
  • Help community groups deliver their humanitarian based services
  • Help protect our planet (it’s the only one we have)

Our platform is different:

Throw away your perceptions that we are like other social media platforms.  Our platform will be a complex, full featured SOCIAL ENTERPRISE tool that has been custom built from scratch to assist social movement groups, nonprofits, and charities.  This platform is a social justice system, a volunteerism system, a task management system, a fundraising system, a goal measurement system and a poll/survey system.  All members will be ID and location verified.  All organizations we support will be deeply verified and vetted.  Civility will be an absolute requirement.  Our platform is also unique in that it is not forgiving if you join to disrupt or be uncivil to others.

With our secure, safe and privacy based platform, there will be no bots, no trolls, no fake profiles, no creepers, no doxing, search engine discovery of users and no country based nefarious influence.  Our platform will never allow advertising (no member will ever become a marketing target).
Create your verified member account today. Cost is $3.40 per year for unlimited access to all member features.
Submit an application for your organization or your free press organization to use the Civil Voice Groups Platform.  It’s free for organizations and journalists.

The Civil Voice Groups website platform is being developed, hosted and managed by the “TrustNetIX World Community Society”, and NGO based nonprofit.  TrustNetIX is a federally incorporated Canadian nonprofit society AND a United States IRS approved EIN nonprofit society that is publicly audited and accountable. 100% of TrustNetIX efforts are dedicated to the Civil Voice Groups platform and website.

Our NGO nonprofit has 2 primary objectives:

  • To Enact Legislative Change – We will support all social movements such as Racial Equality Rights, Climate Change, Women’s Rights, LGBTQ Rights, Immigration Rights, Common Sense Gun Laws, Freedom of the Press and more by providing legal, civic based social justice activities.
  • To Deliver Humanitarian and Planetary Goodness – We will support only legitimate, verified and trustworthy organizations which deliver their mandate and goals with remarkable value.  We will provide these organizations with advanced operational tools they need to deliver their mandate.  From on-boarding volunteers to task management, from integrating communication and notices across all regional locations to forming shared responsibility collectives to raising desperately needed funding, our platform will help these organizations streamline their operational processes to deliver their mandate.

We Are Different.  Here’s why:

  • Our nonprofit society is comprised of civic minded and socially aware technologists from Canada, the United States, Australia, India, the UK and EU.  We have a passion to improve the lives of everyone and we understand the importance for everyone to become better caretakers of our planet.
  • Our technology resource pool is deep.  We have worked with hundreds of proven professional developers for more than 20 years.
  • Our combined management experience is also deep (over a century of experience).

Our Civil Voice Groups platform will support hundreds of humanitarian nonprofits, most social movement groups, rights based groups, green and planetary protection groups and more.  Even if you have just a few hours per month, you can help.  Here's a list of the "types" of groups you can assist and get involved with using our Civil Voice Groups platform:

  • Animal Rights Groups
  • Arts, Cultural, Humanities Groups
  • Civic Groups
  • Climate Change Groups
  • Consumer Protection Groups
  • Cultural Groups
  • Education Groups
  • Emergency Assistance Groups
  • Employment Assistance Groups
  • Environmental Protection Groups
  • Family Support Groups
  • Common Sense Gun Control Groups
  • Health & Medical Groups
  • Housing Groups
  • Income / Wage Groups
  • Immigration Assistance Groups
  • International Charities
  • International NGO's
  • International Nonprofits
  • Legal Rights Groups
  • LGBT Rights Groups
  • Military & Vet Assistance Groups
  • Neighborhood Groups
  • Olympic Groups
  • Political Groups
  • Poverty Groups
  • Racial Equality Groups
  • Rehabilitation Groups
  • Research Groups
  • Senior Groups
  • Social Groups
  • Support Groups
  • Trade / Union Groups
  • Women's Rights Groups
  • Protect Journalists & Press Freedom

and more...

We provide all approved groups with free services.  Nonprofits, charities and social movement groups will use our nonprofit platform to:

  • Customize organization hierarchy, streamlining processes to better manage operations regardless of size (local or worldwide)
  • Improve and automate communication and process workflows
  • Help drive in donations on a continual basis
  • Attract volunteers whose passions and interest match the organization's mandate and goals
  • Invite members (whose interests match that of an organization's mandate) to assist in an organization's cause
  • Quickly on-board volunteers by streamlining HR verification processes
  • Easily manage 100's of regional groups (different cities, states, provinces, etc).
  • Assign tasks to volunteers and manage follow-through
  • Poll and survey thousands or even tens of thousands of REAL people and review the responses with demographic breakdowns
  • Create a "Collective" with other similar organizations to work together on a common goal, sharing responsibilities while splitting costs
  • Submit news releases of successes or challenges to thousands of verified journalists with just one click
  • and much more...

Social movement groups will love these features:

  • Participate in many different types of group based civic actions (in a civil respectful law abiding manner of course!)
  • Support and assist a multitude of different groups and social causes.
  • Perform tasks for multiple groups simultaneously.
  • Be confident that all members using our platform are real people since all are ID verified, address verified, phone number verified and GPS location verified.
  • Be confident that our platform will weed out fake profiles.  You won't find any automated bots, trolling or profile creeping on our platform.
  • Be confident that when members connect with others or groups, their private contact information is never exposed since our platform provides all communication internally.
  • Use their true profile with trusted contacts or use their more anonymous public profile (for general contact) whenever they choose.
  • Be confident that all communication, interactions and data is encrypted and private.
  • Be confident no user will never be targeted by advertisers since our platform is non-advertising based (no advertisers).
  • Be confident that since our trust based platform ID verifies everyone, the hate and animosity that occurs on the Internet will not be present on this platform.
  • Be confident that if they members choose to donate to a group, that 100% of their funds will be provided to the group they donated to.
  • Submit news stories or video content to thousands of verified, main stream journalists with just one click.
  • Be confident that all services we provide to all members are cost based, our society is not selling anything, we are a nonprofit.
  • and much more...
  • All platform members will be ID verified.  Verification includes name verification, address verification, mobility telephone verification, GPS location verification combined with credit card billing address verification.  Information from different sources must match or they cannot use our platform.  For most honest folks who do not setup fake accounts, this is not a concern.  Note that for the sake of privacy, all members are provided the flexibility to use their true profile or their anonymous profile each time they interact with organizations or other members.  Also note that a members e-mail address, physical address and telephone contact information will never be exposed since all communication is provided internally through our platform.
  • We will also verify and deeply vet all groups and organizations.  All nonprofits, charities and social movement groups will be deeply vetted and verified.  Depending upon the organization type, we will verify their corporate structure, research their directors, review their financials, corporate bylaws, assess potential conflicts of interest and review recent legal rulings to ensure they are worthy.  All organizations must also adhere to our rights based, humanitarian based, inclusive based and planetary protection based policies.  If not, they cannot use our platform.

By verifying both members and organizations, our platform provides a TRUST BASED and safe framework which benefits everyone.

Many GOFUNDME campaigns are "one time" campaigns.  After the funds are raised, the funds are spent and that's pretty much it, it's done.

Your GOFUNDME donation to our nonprofit society will occur once.  This will enable our platform to become permanently self-sufficient and operate for decades to come.  Your donation today starts a process instead of completing a process.

Our society will generate many times more in funding and value to groups than our initial start-up cost to get the ball rolling.  And we will do this year after year.  And each year while growing, the benefit to each organization will be multiplied. Your one time donation today will make a long term difference for generations to come.

Our nonprofit society will be publicly audited by a BIG 4 accounting firm (such as KPMG).  Annual audited financials and the auditor's letter will be posted our website and also registered on the Government of Canada website.

Here's a few facts:

  • All director positions are unpaid positions.
  • We will utilize specialized committees for legal guidance, accounting guidance, privacy guidance and security guidance.  All committee members are volunteers, these are volunteer, unpaid positions.
  • We will abide by and constantly monitor that all legal rules and regulations required of a Canadian and USA based nonprofit society are adhered to.
  • We are doing this because we are civic minded, socially conscious technologists.  We created a nonprofit society to do this.  Our nonprofit society has the immense technical resources, skill and expertise to do this.  It would be unconscionable to not do this based upon our capability to help verified and vetting nonprofit organizations.. This is our promise to you.

People that donate to our GOFUNDME campaign are stakeholders.  People and organizations that use our services are stakeholders.  We will be accountable to our stakeholders.

  • We will provide progress visibility.
  • We will provide spending visibility and accountability.
  • We will provide privacy and security accountability.
  • We will provide fiscal accountability visibility via public audit.

To enact legislation, our platform will support political parties, politicians or candidates whose policies, actions or congressional votes:

  1. Do not cause harm to others AND/OR
  2. Respect voting rights AND/OR
  3. Respect and advance women's rights AND/OR
  4. Respect and advance racial rights AND/OR
  5. Respect and advance gender rights AND/OR
  6. Respect legal immigration rights AND/OR
  7. Do not impede or hinder the safety of others AND/OR
  8. Do not reject humanitarian aid AND/OR
  9. Do not harm or ignore the health of the planet we ALL share

Our nonprofit society determines which organizations and groups may use our platform via a deep vetting and verification process.  The same process applies to political parties, politicians, running candidates and PACS.

ALL nonprofits, charities, NGO's, social movement groups and free press journalists receive all features and functionalities of our Civil Voice Groups platform free.  100% FREE.

When user members (activists, members and followers of an approved organization) create their account, our system requires that their registered address matches their credit card billing information using AVS. A minimum ($3.40) verification fee processed by PayPal is required (a PayPal account is not required). Note the verification fee is annual, it provides our nonprofit with funding to host and continue to develop the platform. Note our system also performs many other validation processes to restrict BOTS and fake accounts.

Civil Voice Groups provides a few types of features that must be cost based. For example, when a letter is printed, enveloped and mailed 1st class, the cost of this process is paid for by the member using the feature.

Other than the 2 items above, our platform is free.


Your one time donation will be multiplied in goodness for decades to come.  Donate to our GOFUNDME today.