Democracy Initiative Donation Proposal & Plan

To: Charly Carter, Brittny Baxter, Feriel Pietersen Ricks
Re: Technology Platform Donation to Democracy Initiative

Hello Charly, Brittny and Feriel,

Our small nonprofit connected with Brittny on LinkedIn.  I had a recorded meeting with Brittny and she looped in her boss (Carly).  I also connected with Feriel on LinkedIn.

Our nonprofit is offering to donate our Civil Voice Groups technology platform to Democracy Initiative.  What we are proposing is profound.  Our donation costs nothing. No ongoing costs are required.  No investment is required.  Additionally, our nonprofit is also willing to prioritize our technology roadmap plan based upon Democracy Initiative priorities. We are also open to Democracy Initiative appointing people to our nonprofit’s board of directors and oversight committees.

Our donation will be extremely easy to implement (web based).  Just use what we spent years creating.  It’s really that simple.

Below we provide a recap of our donation AND a detailed “real world” project plan that is based upon 250 years of professional experience crafting Enterprise Class complex business solutions.  Pretty much in a nutshell, this platform has been built for you.  Please take time to comprehend the enormity of what we are offering.

Here’s a recap of highlights, features and benefits:

    1. Our extremely technical nonprofit spent 3 years working custom building a new integrated platform that simultaneously supports all social movement groups, nonprofits, charities, GMOs etc.  1000’s of hours of volunteer effort have been expended by world class developers to research, assess, scope, plan, design, scale and implement this consolidated platform.  We designed this platform from the ground up to defend and advance Racial Rights, Voting Rights, Women’s Rights, Climate Change and Common Sense Gun Legislation (100+ types of nonprofits).
    2. Platform highlights and concepts:
        1. Provides mass based legal (and civil) social justice activities that will scare the socks off legislators.
        2. Provides advanced features, workflows and processes common to all social movements, charities and nonprofits since the platform is also an EMS (Enterprise Management Solution).
        3. Followers, volunteers and activists from all social movement groups, nonprofits and charities become integrated into a powerful collective.  Each group retains 100% control over their members and utilize the platform independently of other groups.  The platform provides each group with the ability to directly communicate with and manage each of their followers, assign and manage tasks, manage volunteers, etc.
        4. Each group may also participate with other groups to accomplish a common goal.  By sharing resources and volunteers – risks, costs and timelines related to the common are reduced.  Additionally, due to the combined followers of all participating groups, the combined voices generate a larger impact.
        5. Verified free press journalists are integrated into the platform, being provided special features and notices specific to their reporting focus. This concept generates free press coverage of social movement goals and activities which further attract new volunteers and activists.
        6. The platform provides built in fund raising for all groups.  Social justice activities, surveys & polls and other activities can generate millions in funding.  With integrated E/Commerce, audit trails, EFT and wire transfer payments, reporting and demographics analysis of funders, raising desperately needed funding is turn-keyed.
        7. The platform provides Enterprise class security and privacy. The infrastructure design prevents member discovery, trolling, creeping , bots and fake accounts.  This is a no advertising platform. No data will ever be sold no provided to any entity what-so-ever.  All interactions with users are based upon their opt-in interests, opt-in activity settings and their opt-in volunteerism settings.  Users are also provided with 2 simultaneous profiles (their real verified ID profile for trusted interactions and an anonymous profile for group interactions).  Each user may chose either profile when interacting with others.  This is a safe, private and secure platform that provides a civil and trust based atmosphere.

Below is a step by step plan that delivers the following:

  • The plan will generate between $3.37 and $8.9 million in funding to Democracy Initiative within weeks of kickoff.
  • The plan creates a permanent organized and managed collective of 3.1 to 5.4 million users.
  • The plan provides Democracy Initiative and all of your 75+ partners with many major benefits and can be utilized over and over and over again.

Project Plan for Democracy Initiative

This detailed content helps Democracy Initiative grasp the width, breadth, capabilities, benefits and value of our donation proposal. It also demonstrates the expertise and effort and foresight our nonprofit has expended over the past 3 years researching, assessing, scoping, planning and designing other features and workflows.

This content reads like a formal business requirements project plan. It identifies ordered steps, nuances, insights, considerations and suggestions.  Content is divided into three sections:

    1. Concept Summary
    2. Step by Step Details (23)
    3. Final Summary

For the fiscally minded, this real-world plan will likely generate a minimum of 4 million dollars of funding to Democracy Initiative and participating groups.

Concept Summary:

  • Democracy Initiative invites their 75+ partners to participate in a legal and civil social justice activity (mass based letter campaign like you have never before imagined).
  • Anyone with an Internet connection and a browser may participate.  No software or apps are required.
  • The true power of this social justice activity is that it is “driven” by the social media followers of your organization and each of your 75+ partners.  Social media followers will feel rewarded, as it makes their voice heard, their action provable and counted.  As well, each participant is provided with a printable certificate copy of their action which they can proudly hang on their wall.
  • Our platform will provide Democracy Initiative and your 75+ partners with a pre-assigned unique link.  Each organization (and DI) will simply post their specific link to each social media platform they use.
  • This is where it gets interesting.  When social media followers (of DI and your 75+ partners) click on the professionally presented post (due to the link supporting social media meta-tags advanced standards), the platform will guide them through a custom designed social justice activity process that takes 5 to 7 minutes to complete.
  • The end result is a massive, physical, measurable and provable response too large for legislators to ignore.  What we are taking about is generating millions of 1st class letters to each politician in a group of targets.  For example, if 4 legislators are in the group and 3 million followers perform this acitivty, 12 million letters will be generated, printed and delivered.
  • , each political s using a single , where the target is many different using a process that simultaneously targets many politicians at the same time. 
  • This social justice activity has been optimized to maximize press coverage via the platform’s integration with the free press.
  • This social justice activity also exponentially increases exposure via automated (opt-in) social media posts to a participants followers.
  • This plan is very likely to raise 4 million dollars in funding to Democracy Initiative and your 75+ partners.
  • Very little effort and time is required by Democracy Initiative to launch this since your organization has established trusted relationships with 75+ partner organizations.

Process Summary:

  • Trusted social movement groups are carefully selected and invited by Democracy Initiative to sign a group letter.
  • Each participating social movement group will post a unique link to their social media accounts asking their followers to support and sign their group letter.
  • Followers will review the group letter and SSL digitally sign a cover letter statement attesting their support of the group letter and forewarn the recipient of the effort they will expend if their demands are not met.
  • Physical letters are generated and delivered USPS first-class to the legislative targets. Participants pay for the raw cost of letters + postage (less cost than doing this themselves, also convenient and easy.)
  • All participants are provided with a digitally signed certificate copy of all letters they instigated and signed (audit trail.)
  • When followers complete their action, using common social media API integration technology, the platform requests permission to post a notice to the follower’s social media account(s).  Followers preview the activity statement and upon approval, the activity statement is posted to their social media accounts.  This process informs their followers of their activity, exponentially increasing reach to others on all social media platforms used by each participant. Note API-based activity posts utilize graphics (plus a hashtag) to ensure a professional, consistent and Democracy Initiative branded message. Also note the graphic is back-linked, with one click, a follower’s follower can participate in the same process.
  • Each social movement group (and free press journalists) are provided advance notice each time a batch (truckload) of pooled letters is about to be delivered to the targeted recipients (for live reporting of the delivery).
  • To generate additional press, all participating groups and journalists are provided with updated delivery counts, queue status and aggregated (not personally identifiable) demographic pivots of participants, with counts and percentages grouped by drill-downs per state, city, age range, gender identification, race, religion, education level, etc.
  • Each participating social movement group and Democracy Initiative are provided an abundance of additional benefits, such as now being able to directly communicate with each participant, invite them to volunteer to support their cause, request donations, host polls and surveys, host large group presentations and be provided with demographic analysis of funders, participants, volunteers, attendees, etc.

Step by Step Details (23):

  1. Trusted social movement groups are selected and invited by Democracy Initiative to sign a group letter:

Democracy Initiative determines goals or legislative challenges related to all mainstream social movement groups (voting rights groups, racial rights groups, women’s rights groups, LGBTQA rights groups, climate change groups, environmental protection groups, common-sense gun law groups, immigration rights groups, etc.)

Perhaps a common “big picture” goal is demanding minimum federal voting requirements to ensure a place at the table for all current and future voters, regardless of a voter’s party affiliation, the current White House administration, the current balance of power in the house or senate or the current political leadership of any state. This bipartisan objective will resonate with all voters if communicated with easy-to-understand examples that affect all voters, for all possible futures.  Or maybe the John Lewis Voting Right Act?  Or?

The topic (or multiple topics) chosen by Democracy Initiative is key to building a coalition of millions of social movement supporters.  The primary objective is to build an initial network that will constantly grow to become a voting bloc too large to ignore (big picture stuff).  Consideration should also be given to attracting progressive thinking participants.

We also suggest utilizing “variant” content (detailed below) pertinent to each type of participating social movement group.  This content should passionately and logically resonate with their followers to maximize participation.

  1. This second step is important as it draws upon an existing pool of literally tens of millions of passionate social movement group followers. Democracy Initiative performs research to create a spreadsheet list of social movement groups. The list will include each group’s name, domain website, the contact information of key leaders and the total combined follower count on their social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Wikipedia List of Social Movements is a good place to start.

Care in creating this invitation list is important to ensure poor or suspect or fraudulent organizations are not mistakenly invited. Charity Navigator is a good source to validate organizations invited. Sort the vetted list by total social media follower count (most to least.) Then start from the top and invite each organization to participate. Of course, important organizations such as the ACLU or other friendlies should be included on the invite list regardless of the size of their social media following. Also, consideration of other nonprofits, charities and GMOs that support social movements should be researched to maximize participation.

  1. Democracy Initiative will draft a letter using MS Office Word. Our nonprofit can provide a WORD-based template for Democracy Initiative to use. The 8.5” x 11” sized letter is limited to six pages of content (3 pages of double-sided print) which complies with the weight restriction of first-class USPS letter-sized mail. The letter is comprised of two “parts”:

Part One (Cover Page Content):

    • A single cover page signed by each follower is required. This content will state the follower’s support of the group letter enclosed (part two) and inform the recipient of their commitment to engage in further social justice activities if demands are ignored, obstructed or pushed back.
    • This page will also contain a single recipient’s title, name and address and return address, both of which appear in a dual #10 window envelope.
    • Variants of cover letters (a separate cover letter for each participating social movement group) will be supported. Followers will be automatically provided with the variant-specific to the social movement group link they click. Also note that since this platform provides secondary social justice activities that generate increasing levels of consequences (which include harsh recall petitions (with signing) or large class-action lawsuits), the follower’s statement to perform punitive action is real.
    • A footer appears on this page which details that the signer instigated this letter, paid for all costs related to this letter and has been verified as being human using reCAPTCHA v3, surname and address verified (using AVS which also matches their GPS address location), e-mail address verified and mobile telephone number verified. The footer will also state the signer was provided with a digitally signed SSL certificate timeserver stamped copy of this letter proving such with a tracking ID (which all facts are supported by secondary system logs.)

Part Two (Group Letter Content):

    • Create up to five pages of content related to the common challenges and demands that all participating groups will sign.
    • Note the five pages are inclusive of the space required that identify the participating groups signing the letter and all required people (including their titles) that receive the letter, plus optional and rotating recipients.
  1. Recipients of the letter must now be determined. We have provided several interesting options:
    • Rotating Recipients: When a letter is signed, the recipient is rotated with other recipients. This means that if a million participants sign the letter and 100 rotating recipients are defined, each recipient will receive 10,000 letters (1,000,000 / 100)
    • Optional Recipients: When a letter is signed, additional optional recipients may be selected by the follower.
    • Mandatory Recipients: These recipients will always receive the letter.
    • Note Rotating, Optional and Mandatory recipient options may be combined as desired.
    • For each recipient, their full name, formal title and verified legislative mailing address are required.
    • Qualification filtering options may be used which provide a restriction where the signer must reside in the legislator’s region of representation.
    • An out-of-country variant (of the signer) is supported. Also, country-based restrictions (based upon the signer’s GPS location or mailing address) are supported. Exceptions to out-of-country rules are provided (military-based out-of-country participants, retiree’s living out of the country, etc.)
    • For this example, assume that four (4) only key legislative recipients (the house and senate majority and minority leaders) will receive this letter. Assume qualification filtering and state/country restrictions are not imposed but variants pertinent to each social movement group are utilized (to maximize the participation of each social movement group’s followers.)
  1. Democracy Initiative will now invite organizations to participate based upon the sorted order of movement followers. Inform the groups of the benefits they will gain (see #11 below), review both parts of the draft letter (of which their variant is important to them), collect their feedback, change requests and obtain their initial commitment to participate.
  2. Upon achieving 50 or 100+ groups to participate, Democracy Initiative will then finalize the two parts of the letter and variants. Adjust the content based upon prior feedback and provide the participating groups with finalized content specific to their interests (variant.) Obtain their final changes (if any) and their formal written commitment to participate.
  3. Next, Democracy Initiative provides our nonprofit with the 6 pages of letter content (and variants), recipient details and contact information of the participating groups. We will technically reformat (if required) the spacing of the content to ensure variable merging of recipient and sender variables and footer content. We will also define a data table used to send status notifications to each participating social movement group.
  4. Signers will be provided options to disclose their full name or their first name with only the 1st character of their last name (privacy option.)
  5. Return address options now need to be determined. Our suggestion is to use a return address “in care of Democracy Initiative” which allows Democracy Initiative to track delivery refusals and report such to the press if the legislative recipient refuses delivery of the letter. This “in care of” suggestion respects the signer’s privacy by preventing their address from appearing in the return address envelope window.  Also, each letter will contain a unique alphanumeric Tracking ID which is used to monitor the delivery status or flag the letter as being ignored or refused.  Flagged ignores or refusals will trigger notifications to the sender, Democracy Initiative and social movement groups.  For example, if a politician refuses delivery of a letter (or a batch of delivered letters), a letter (or the entire batch) can be flagged as “Delivery Refused”. This triggers notifications to each signee, Democracy Initiative, the social movement groups affected and the free press. Email templates are used to provide notifications and can include content to invite the signee or social movement groups to participate in other social justice activities that target the legislator due to their delivery refusal, of which each further activity is reported to the free press.
  6. Our nonprofit will then provide Democracy Initiative with PDF proofs of each recipient letter (four letters in this example) plus all variants of the letter. Recipient and sender information will correctly appear in a dual windowed #10 envelope. To confirm this, just print the PDF, fold and place the letter in an envelope.) Our nonprofit will also confirm weight delivery restrictions to ensure the cost of first-class USPS delivery is 55 cents. The PDF proof of cover letter content will be signed with an SSL digital signing certificate with footer content as previously detailed.
  7. Our nonprofit will now generate unique links for each participating group to leverage standardized social media “meta-tags” which all major social media platforms support. These definitions result in social media posts (by simply posting a link) displaying a unique dual-branded customized graphic pertinent to both Democracy Initiative and each participating group. Text content will be graphic-based to communicate a consistent message. Our graphics designer will work with Democracy Initiative to create an approved set of images. This process results in a dual-branded message that is attention-grabbing and professional while providing a consistent message across all participating social movement groups.

Immediate Benefits to Participating Social Movement Groups

    • Each unique link enables the platform to associate a social movement follower to Democracy Initiative and the social movement group that generated the interaction.
    • Due to this association, both Democracy Initiative and each social movement group will now have the ability to directly communicate with each follower. Using this platform, Democracy Initiative and social movement groups may now invite followers (now members) to volunteer, participate in surveys, discussion groups, etc. Also, each participating group may now leverage workgroup hubs, utilize workflows to vet and onboard volunteers, etc.
    • A major immediate benefit to Democracy Initiative and each social movement group is that all social justice activities provide built-in donation and fundraising processes. By participating, social movement groups can raise substantial funds they desperately need.
  1. Democracy Initiative now defines a “batch pool size” which is used to “pool” batches of physically printed letters, grouped by recipient mailing address. When a batch of sorted letters is ready, first-class postage metered letters will be dropped off at a USPS postal sorting location. When this occurs, Democracy Initiative and participating groups will be notified. Also, since the platform provides verified free press journalists with a platform journalist account, based upon their opt-in focus settings (which are pertinent to their reporting focus), they will automatically receive notifications of this action. However, Democracy Initiative and each group will also be notified (to inform their preferred press journalists) when to camp out to report delivery of batches of hundreds of thousands of letters.
  2. Before launching, Democracy Initiative will perform research (create a list) to give major social media influencers (such as Byron James with 50 million Instagram followers) and friendly corporations a heads up requesting their participation in the pending launch, using a social media link and graphic specific to Democracy Initiative only.  Also giving the heads up to a many friendly political leaders should be considered.
  3. Before launching, our nonprofit will customize load balancing to prepare for the onslaught of activity generated by Democracy Initiative, participating social movement groups and the free press. This platform supports unlimited subdomains, of which each load-balanced subdomain cluster supports 32 dedicated servers. Since clustering will provide state-based subdomains, the platform will support 1,920,000 simultaneous users per second based upon 50% utilization. During the launch, our nonprofit will constantly monitor each cluster load and real-time adjust load balancing by increasing virtual machine CPUs, spinning up additional dedicated virtual servers, etc.
  4. This massive social justice activity is now ready to launch. Democracy Initiative notifies our nonprofit of the launch date. We will notify all participating groups (via an e-mail template approved by Democracy Initiative) to immediately post a link to all of their social media platforms, with a hashtag approved by Democracy Initiative. When social movements post their unique link to their various social media platforms, due to the pre-defined social media meta-tag definitions, a dual-branded image with a common message will “magically” appear in the post.  As well, the unique #hashtag approved by Democracy Initiative will trend (the free press monitors trending #hashtags.) The notification to each participating group will also request them to notify their favored press journalist to report this action since this effort will be the world’s largest mass-based letter campaign pressuring politicians ever.
  5. Tens of millions of social movement followers will be notified (by a group they follow) when their social movement group posts their unique link. When followers click on the graphic (which was designed to be attention-grabbing), they will be guided through a streamlined process to perform the signing action generating a first-class USPS letter delivered to recipient targets.
  6. Followers will firstly be thanked for their participation and be provided steps to complete the process. Upon clicking next, the platform leads participants through a one-time registration process to become verified platform members. Existing platform members will simply log on. The registration process ID verifies their surname and mailing address using a technology called AVS (Address Verification Service), a standard supported by Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express in the USA, Canada and the UK. Note the platform also performs yet another address verification to ensure that each member’s registration address and AVS address match their GPS location (3 way verified.) Of course, each participant’s e-mail address and mobile telephone number are verified. By verifying members in this manner, this process eliminates bots, fakers and nefarious users to best-case ensure letters generated by social media followers are from real people. Note the platform also prevents Russia, Iran and China from even connecting to the platform using country-wide blocking. The platform also (real-time) blocks hackers and bots from connecting to the platform even if using VPNs or anonymizers due to the platform’s subscription to Cisco Enterprise real-time firewall blocking technology.
  7. When social movement followers complete their registration process, they experience the letter signing process. Followers will preview the letter content, be prompted to sign the letter and remit payment for the physical letters generated. The payment covers the raw cost of the three pages of 8.5” x 11” paper; window envelope, six pages of printing, assembly cost, the first-class USPS mailing cost and letter drop off to a postal sorting location. The cost also includes raw payment processing fees. Note that letters sent to legislative recipients are physically printed in Delaware to reduce USPS delivery time.
  8. The raw cost of generating each letter is 25 cents for paper, envelope, printing, letter assembly, sorting and drop off to a postal sorting location. For each recipient letter, 55 cents for USPS first-class delivery is required, plus 30 cents for the mandatory PayPal transaction fee (for all letters), plus a PayPal 3.7% fee of the total transaction cost which excludes the PayPal mandatory 30 cent fee per transaction cost. Therefore, the total cost for a follower to send four first-class delivered letters is USD 3.61 (median based price as costs vary depending upon volume generated). Note we have collaborated with a large printing company with printing facilities offices across the USA, Canada and other countries. All costs stated in this content are quote-based but subject to change due to standard quote expiry dates. Systems integration between our platform and the printer ensures data transport, print quality, print technology formatting, bi-directional communication confirmations, integrated billing and first-class postage metering are secure, private and fail-safe.
  9. <b>Democracy Initiative may choose to increase the USD 3.61 raw cost paid by a follower or prompt for an optional donation or a required donation (inclusive or not to the markup.)</b> For this example, assume the all-inclusive cost per signee is USD 5.00 to sign the four (4) letters (generating USD 1.33 of funding per signee.) If three million followers of all participating groups sign the letter, this raises almost 4 million net dollars to Democracy Initiative.  As a suggestion to attract the participation of social movement groups, Democracy Initiative could share the upcharge proceeds using a 50/50 split based upon completed activity counts instigated by each social movement group. Note the platform will provide audit logs of all e/c transactions and provide a report detailing each participating organization’s “take” based upon whatever sharing scheme is determined. Regardless of how the funds have been agreed to be disbursed (shared); our nonprofit will wire transfer OR EFT direct deposit 100% of the net funds to Democracy Initiative weekly or twice per month.
  10. The e-commerce transaction (of followers signing the letter) utilizes PayPal’s most secure form of payment (an advanced server-to-server integration process.) No credit card number information is received by the platform (PayPal hosts the c/c interface.) A PayPal account is not required; a follower can select their credit card type instead. By using PayPal’s most advanced form of payment processing with their gateway interface, liability concerns rest solely on PayPal’s shoulders.  Also, note that the payment process integrates AVS (Address Verification System) as previously detailed.
  11. When a follower completes this process, Democracy Initiative and each social movement group can now directly connect and communicate with verified “real” members.
  12. Participants receive a digitally signed SSL certificate PDF of each letter. Certificate signing is time-server date/time stamped (if a PDF is altered, the verification certificate is rendered invalid.) A copy of each signed letter is retained offline (for audit trail.) Recap reports (per participating group) with audit trail will be provided to Democracy Initiative as proof of participation to be used to calculate each group’s share of profit contribution.

Final Summary:

  • This plan delivers the primary objective of building a managed collective of social movement supporters.
  • Upon social movement groups participating in this process, each social movement group may now utilize this and other activities and workflows specific to their mandate and goals. This concept continuously builds the common collective (voting block).
  • By integrating the free press in this process, Democracy Initiative and each social movement group gain initial and ongoing press coverage to spread their message.
  • By utilizing the platform’s volunteerism features, a vast resource pool of like-minded volunteers is created and constantly grown.
  • By utilizing the platform’s donation and fundraising features, all groups (including Democracy Initiative) are provided with desperately needed funding.
  • By ensuring only real people use the platform, a “verified” trust-based, healthy atmosphere is established.
  • By providing legislators with factual proof that the participant is real and proof of volume, legislators are pressured to change their stance or face real-world consequences.
  • By Democracy Initiative taking the lead, you will be provided with an abundance of benefits in comparison to participating social movement groups. For example, Democracy Initiative may communicate with all participants of the collective, determine fundraising splits, request our nonprofit to develop features that specifically benefit Democracy Initiative, prioritize our nonprofit’s development roadmap, review and request changes to technology and workflows our nonprofit develops, restrict usage of the platform, appoint directors to our nonprofit, provide guidance by being represented on our committees, etc.

Our nonprofit seeks a firm, time-based commitment from Democracy Initiative to take the lead. To further explore this relationship and our donation proposal, we request Democracy Initiative board members, executives, managers and other leaders participate in a group online meeting (100 max participants).

We look forward to a timely reply.


Gary Campbell, Civil Voice Groups Director
Private Mobile: (250) – 859-3610