Letter Campaign

Huge Letter Campaign for Social Movements

Civil Voice Groups will provide social movements with the ability to send millions of physical letters to congress opponents.  A politician will pay attention when they receive tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands or millions of letters from ID verified real people complaining of their inaction, blocking attempts and opposition to legislation such as voting rights, racial equality, gender equality, climate change, common sense gun laws and more.

Here’s how this works:

  1. Social movements may craft their own letter or a joint letter with other similar movement groups.  We will provide quick-start templates to ensure the formatting of the letter is correct.  Simply add logo’s, selection options and add content to the template.  Then submit the letter to us using our platform.  We will provide a PDF proof (which the group must approve).  This approval process will ensure that the signer’s return address AND the “target” destination addresses are correctly aligned in the window envelope.  This process also ensures that letter page content including LOGO’s are generated as expected.  Note there is a three (3) page letter limit due to the first class weight limit of 1 ounce.  Note this service is currently limited to letters that will be delivered in the USA.  We intend to support many other country destinations soon.
  2. One or more delivery “targets” may be defined per letter.  For example, the same letter may be sent to a single politician or many different politicians (different destination addresses).  An option may be set which allows the signer to provide a personalized comment (civility rules must be followed).  An optional “markup” value may be defined or an optional donation prompt can be displayed.  These features raise funds for the participating social movement group(s).  A “batching” value must be set which “pools” letters into production “batches” (when XXX letters have been pooled, letters are then printed, assembled and mailed).  An option may be set to define the campaign end-date (if not, the campaign will run until terminated).  Note if outstanding pooled letters exist, they will be generated and mailed when a campaign ends.  We will also provide an option to force the printing, assembly and mailing of pooled letters, change the next pooling batch size, allow or disallow comments, etc.
  3. Social movements will simply blast out notices to their followers (via Facebook, Twitter, etc) with a link requesting their followers to sign the letter.  The follower will verify they are real, read the letter, add an optional comment (if allowed), sign it using a touch enabled device (finger, mouse or stylus) or select to use a scripting signing font.  The person signing the letter then remits a cost based payment which covers raw out-of-pocket costs (and the social movement group markup).
  4. Once signed and paid, our system will then pool the signed letters.  When the polling batch size has been attained, the pages will physically generated, assembled into a windowed enveloped and mailed first class.  Each delivery “batch” will include a GPS tracking device for delivery tracking purposes.
  5. Our system will notify the free press when “batches” of letters are about to be delivered as per our our GPS tracking ability.  These notifications help journalists provide news coverage when truckloads of letters are about to be delivered.
  6. Our system will verifies that people are real.  It prevent bots, fakers and nefarious influence.  This due-diligence ensures that social movement campaign responses (letters sent) are from real people.
  7. The system will provide aggregated demographic analysis reports of participants.  Certain people can be provided access to all letters which confirm that they are legitimate.  For example, the organization or a house or senate leader (who was not included on list of recipients) could verify each letter sent by a participant is real.

Cost per letter:

  • .25 USD for the 3 pages and envelope (printing cost, paper cost, envelope cost, assembly cost and mail drop-off servicing costs)
  • .55 USD for USPS First Class postage (note there is a 1 ounce limit)
  • Plus the cost of the optional social movement “markup” of which 100% is provided to the social movement group
  • Plus the cost of PayPal processing (.30 fixed fee per transaction plus a 3.7% fee of the total purchase)

Here’s an example:

Three climate change groups (with a combined follower count of three million people) create a joint letter that will be sent to three politicians.  The optional markup is set to be $1.20 (for the 3 recipients). The raw to sign the letter (which is generated and mailed to 3 targets) would be (3 X .80) + $1.20 (markup for the 3 letters) + the PayPal transaction processing (44 cents).  Therefore, the total cost per signing would be $4.00. If 15% of their three million followers sign the letter, 1.35 MILLION letters will be delivered to congress politicians and 100% of $540,000 markup will be paid to the 3 social movement groups via wire transfer.

Social Movement Benefits:

  • Pressure politicians to get off their *** and address your concerns.
  • This feature is a “Turnkey solution” that is easy to implement.
  • Raise funds for your social movement group.
  • Gain press coverage via integrated delivery notices to verified free press journalists.
  • Our nonprofit provides this service at cost, if costs can be reduced, we will reduce such.
  • When your social movement followers sign your letter they become part of an integrated Enterprise class system that has been custom designed to help your organization deliver your social movement objectives and mandate.  Your group will now be able to better communicate and manage your followers.  You will be able to assign tasks to them and manage follow-through.  Please read how we can help your organization (free).