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It’s simple.  We know that all non-profits, NGOs, societies and advocacy groups have to work incredibly hard to stay afloat while trying to accomplish their mission.  We want to ease that struggle for organizations like yours.  Our nonprofit society will provide your organization with a free online management platform to help your organization raise funds and improve all aspects of your operations (including management) to best accomplish your mission and goals.

Our Civil Voice Groups platform was founded just for you, with your specific needs in mind.  From enhanced communications, task management with follow-through, social justice activities pushing your goals forward to legislation to media relations and volunteer on-boarding and operations management, our platform will streamline you operations.  Our nonprofit platform is free to all organizations and their employees.  To get started, create your Organization Account.

To ensure our platform is TRUST BASED, we go through the extra work of making sure all members and organizations are real.  That means all member users are ID verified and all organizations are deeply vetted and verified.

Our platform is provided FREE to all charities, nonprofits, NGO's, local community groups and social movement groups.

  • Our society will support more than 100 types of organizations.  Have a peek.  Most likely, your organization "type" will appear in our list.  If not, you can suggest a more suitable category when applying.
  • The Civil Voice Groups platform will provide features and functionalities to help your organization reduce costs, streamline your internal business processes, enable you to easily manage hundreds of different locations (cities, offices, divisions), dramatically improve your ability to bring on-board new volunteers, increase public awareness of your organization via mainstream press integration, continuously raise donations for your organization and more.  All for FREE.
  • If there is an important challenge your organization faces which is common to many other groups, our nonprofit society will work with you to provide a solution for free.
  • Our society will connect you with millions of civic-minded volunteers to help your organization deliver your mandate and goals.  Also note that since all of our members are ID verified REAL people (and most will belong to social movements) they are real "doers".

A local food bank has vastly different needs than the Red Cross which provides services in thousands of cities in many countries.

To meet your individual needs, our technology will allow you to customize your organization's presence using hierarchical templates which can be easily altered.  And, to further simplify your processes, for each branch and sub-branch, we provide options to define communication flow, automated processes and workflow.

The Civil Voice Groups Platform will save you time and keep you organized.  Imagine a corporate tree, containing many branches, with each also having sub-branches (which can also have sub-branches) which eventually drill down to a final leaf.  Primary branches, sub-branches and leaves may be added, duplicated or rearranged easily using drag, drop and duplicate features.  Each "final" leaf represents a group of people who perform a function.  Each branch and sub-branch supports its own objectives, communication flow, task management, and reporting yet they also follow rules and directives inherited from higher level parents.  New volunteers can automatically be directed to a branch based upon the volunteer's GPS location (eg: people identified by GPS from New York automatically appear in the New York collective. Processes can be assigned to each branch (such as automated welcome notices or even move people through complex verification processes).  From on-boarding volunteers to managing daily tasks or reacting immediately to a fluid situation, our custom designed infrastructure will streamline and simplify your processes, improve communication and free up your time so your organization can focus on delivering your mandate.

Collectives enable similar groups (such as a group of different local community food banks within a region) to pool their combined resources into a larger "collective" to deliver a shared goal.

All organizations we support will be provided the ability to organize a "collective".  Yet each organization will retain their independence.

Imagine in a region of a state or province where 10 cities operate an independent food bank.  The 10 different directors, managers, volunteers and staff could work together on a common promotion.  With our rules of engagement, each separate group may be assigned different responsibilities.

This feature enables all groups within the collective to split cost, focus, responsibilities, effort and reduces risk to best deliver a common goal.  Everyone wins.

Resources are scarce.  Collectives will empower groups to deliver a goal faster, more efficiently and at a far lower less risk and cost.

Our platform verifies members.  Each time a member logs on to our platform, their GPS location is known by our platform.  When a member joins, we require a minimal $2 verification fee. GPS location, billing address and registered address must match. This helps ensure our members are real.

Imagine a system where an organization can instantly request people to assist with a task related to where they are currently located.  Our Crowd Calling feature will do this.  Members located in the area of a crow call request will notification a notification via their mobility app (noting this is an opt-in functionality). Members will receive a crowd call ONLY if they opted-in if the crow call relates to the member's stated interests.

Max limits for participants can be set and the system will track and report live participation counts.

All participants must agree to rules of engagement and directives you define BEFORE they are provided with the crowd call destination.  When they reach the destination, some really cool stuff will occur.

Participants will automatically be joined into a live communication group when they reach the crowd call destination.  They will then be directed by the organizer to perform actions (in a helpful, civil and respectful manner).  Live, multiple streams of video (by people who are assigned to be "crowd call monitors") will enable the organizer to real-time monitor the process.  As well, other participants may record the event and all recordings will be provided to the organizer for later publication to verified journalists who are interested in the subject matter.  When the event concludes, the organization will may provide a thank you to participants as well as post a notice that recaps the experience, what they learned and how they can improve their next crowd call.

Our platform will help generate donations to organizations and groups.  With millions of members donating time and raising funds for your organization, the value provided is immeasurable.

Each of our members will be provided to directly donate to a specific organization. They may choose to share their donation between multiple organizations or they may choose a percentage of their donation to be allocated to a pool deemed by our society as being extremely urgent (life threatening).

100% of all member donations we collect will be remitted to organizations.  Our society provides this service at no cost.  Our platform will also provide graphs and reports enabling organizations to analyze donation volumes.  For registered charities, our platform will provide a list of people that donated to their cause and automate the tax receipt process via templates.  Also, since some types of organizations must restrict donations to people who reside in a specific region, state or country, our platform will ensure that donations and charitable receipts will ONLY be issued (or accepted) if the member resides in the qualifying area.  Our platform will automatically manage these complexities.

Each organization will be provided a "landing" page.  This page will provide details about your organization such as: trust rating, goals, mandates, stories, member ratings and comments, news feeds, calendars, positions available, volunteers required, upcoming events, upcoming presentations and more.

Video streaming, attachment distribution, PDFs and more will be supported.  Our society will also publicize your landing page which will be indexed by search engines, enabling the general public to gain easy access to your landing page content.

Organizations may poll, survey or request feedback from their staff and from the millions of members who opt-in to receive such (if the poll or survey matches their interests).

All polls, surveys and feedback are anonymous, yet they will be submitted by ID verified people.  All polls, surveys and feedback will support demographic breakdown summaries.  For example, percentages will be broken down into age groups, ethnic backgrounds, level of education, political leanings and more.  Organizations are provided these breakdowns while the individual identity of those who participate is not disclosed (aggregated data).

Since all members are ID verified, the data is more trustworthy.

We can can also provide links which the general public participates. Data collected from the general (non-verified, non member) will be separated from verified members with drill-downs providing a comparative analysis.

Perhaps a small organization like a local homelessness society wishes to collect feedback about a new idea.  Perhaps a political party wishes to request feedback about a policy being considered.  Perhaps a Journalist wishes to conduct a public survey or a private survey specific to a categorical interest. Our platform can do this and provide demographic breakdowns AND comparisons between ID verified people (our members) and the non-verified public.

Our platform will support a wide variety of causes (100+ types of different causes).  For each cause, our platform will provide a separate virtual "Discussion Room".  For example, people who are interested in Climate Change can drop-in to the "Climate Change Discussion Room".  Or people interested in LGBTQ rights can drop into the "LGBTQ Discussion Room".

Each discussion room can be used to chat with others, discuss recent topics, related news and more.  Rooms are self-moderated and require civility and politeness at all times

Discussion rooms also provide organizations a forum to educate members on their initiatives and activities related to topics.  For example, organizations focused on Climate Change can schedule presentations.  Or a politician can schedule a town hall.  The presenter can talk, push slides and issue surveys.  Questions can be asked and answered.  Secondary assistants will be supported to privately inform the speaker of items of interest.  What were are talking about is real-time live presentations, to 5,000 or 10,000 or 20,000 or even 50,000 participants.  While this feature will not be as full featured as modern web conferencing products due to the huge number of participants, it will provide the means to present ideas, interact with tens of thousands of people, perform real time surveys, collect feedback and on-board volunteers.

Our platform will provide task management follow-through and reporting.  Tasks assigned to individuals or to a group of volunteers can be checked as completed and verified.  Time tracking of each task or a group of tasks will also be supported.

Unique to our platform, we will provide a feature called dynamic task splitting. This means a task can be split across many members. For For example, if your organization wishes to raise concerns about a policy, a group of 200 hundred people could be scheduled (and reminded) to place a phone call and voice their complaint, with a delay interval scheduled between each person's effort.  By automatically scheduling and splitting the task across hundreds of people at a different time, a sustained effort is accomplished.

Regardless of using regular tasks or sustained tasks, our platform will track and report effort completion, time expended, effort per person and more.

Imagine if you could request thousands of people in your city to sign a petition.  Our platform will provide this.  Imagine if you could invite people to sign a petition who live in a specific state or country?  Our platform will do this.  All you need to do is define a region of participation, choose a category, write a paragraph or two of content and click send.  As well, you will have the option to notify thousands of journalists about your actions.  Our platform will also facilitate participation by the general public using a public link.

Our platform will provide organizations with the ability to be heard using a wide range of mail campaign options.  While the concept is simple, our advanced platform will handle the complex details:

  1. An organization will determine mail campaign settings, options, regional & citizenship requirements and destination recipients (who will receive the physical mail).
  2. Next, the organization writes a letter to be signed online using a touch based device.
  3. Next, the organization invites members (based upon their opt-in settings, regional settings and matching interests).
  4. When the letter is signed, the digital content is sent to one of our printing partners in Canada, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, the UK or the EU.
  5. The digital printing partner generates the physical letter, envelope and mails it.
  6. A few days later, the recipient(s) receive the letter with a return address.
  7. If demanded and legally required, the recipient may be forced to reply to the sender.

Imagine if a politician receives physical mail from two million constituents, each requiring a formal reply (that costs his department time and money).

Our platform will provide the process, organizations will provide the leadership, members and the public will voice their support and engage in a manner that is their right to do so.  Additionally, if the recipient is a politician, in some countries, the cost of postage may be nothing.


  • Mail content can take the form of a standard letter and envelope, postcard, or a single page 3 way folded (no envelope required).
  • The content may be mailed to a single recipient, a group of residents (bulk mail) within a town, city, region or state/province.
  • Mail content may generated by members who opt-in to participate in this process.
  • Mail content may be generated by the general public.
  • Mail content may be appended with personal comments (or not) by the person generating it.
  • Return address may be utilized (or not).
  • If the destination party is a government representative, mailing costs (stamp) may not be required.
  • Mail processing costs may be covered by the organization via a funding pool or paid by the participant.
  • Mail processing volume may be metered per week to generate a longer term sustained effort.
  • In some places, governing law requires that mail which is received must must be responded to.  Imagine if a political group is required by law to respond to millions of letters.  This feature forces them to pay attention to their constituents.
  • Yet another feature is that mail processing can be future scheduled or be pool based delayed until a minimum volume is attained.

Organizations provide the content, set options and blast their mail campaign to members.  Then if the public link option is provided, search engines are notified to inform the public of the campaign as well.

Our platform will provide this service at cost level.  We will provide this service by integrating with for-profit companies that provide the physical mail content generation service and mailing process.  Due to volume based contractual arrangements and with our system integration technology we provide them, the costs of using our service will be less than anyone attempting to do this themselves.  Printing content, envelope stuffing and mailing is time consuming.  Our platform automates all of these processes at a cost based value.

Think about the possibilities.  Easily send bulk mail to your local community informing residents of your services or an urgent need.  Voice an objection to city councilors or the mayor.  Generate millions of letters to a politician which legally requires a written, mailed response.  Think of their cost to respond to all of those letters delivered.  This will affect their budget, consume their time and maybe, just maybe, they will start to pay attention to their constituents.  This feature can also be applied to voice objections to for-profit corporations.

Each member of our platform creates a profile where they define their interests and passions.  Each organization also defines their primary categories of focus.

Categorical interest / focus matching enables our platform to match people with organizations based upon their mutual concerns and passions.  Both members and organizations alike may utilize categorical matching to connect and interact with each other.

An organization may schedule events and send notifications to members whose interests match the organizations mandate.

Events will be listed on the organization's landing page and on a member's personalized event page (based upon interest matching) and on the organization's calendar page.

Discussion rooms also display scheduled presentations.

All scheduled events will always automatically convert to event date/time to the local time of the member.

Our system will track and report enrollment and interest counts.

Public events (people that are not members of our platform) can also be scheduled, meaning the platform will expose the public event to search engines and provide links to the event page. For example, an organization could schedule a picnic or protest event at a park (POST COVID-19). Members would be notified (based upon interest matching) and the general public (via integrated search engine event publication) will become aware of the organization's activity.

For each organization hierarchy node (including parent branches, sub-branches and leafs), key performance indicators (KPI) summaries are provided.  KPI "widgets" enable our platform to track attendance, time expended, staffing, percentage completed, cost comparison to benefit, risk assessments and more.

For example, perhaps an organization moves forward with a new goal.  Was it successful?  What was the feedback?  What was the cost/benefit ratio?  Our platform will track how many people responded, the fall-out rate, the number of hours expended, staff and management costs, exposure costs, travel costs, net viability and more.

KPI widgets will assist organizations to better assess specific goals and measure results from a corporate management perspective.

In North America alone, there are millions of charities, nonprofits and NGO's.  Our platform will enable directors, officers, VPs and management to connect with people in similar positions in similar organizations based upon categorical focus.

For example, there are thousands of separate Indigenous peoples (Indian bands) in Canada and the United States.  What if indigenous leaders, lawyers or administrators of many bands could inform each other of their current goals, successes or failures?  By informing each other of their initiatives, court case results, social challenges and by more easily communicating with each other, they can learn from each other to better their own operations.  This concept can be applied to all local community groups, charities, nonprofits and social movement groups.

Our Civil Voice Groups platform will help you engage with professionals who hold similar positions and have similar responsibilities.

Too often, charities, nonprofits, NGO's and local community groups do not get enough media exposure.  Millions of organizations deliver goodness every day, yet the public is unaware of their success, promotions or positive impact.

Advertising is expensive.  Our platform will help reduce advertising costs while increasing public exposure.  Our society enables journalists to subscribe to story feeds.  Our society not only deeply vets and verifies all organizations and ID verifies members, we do the same with journalists.  Verified and approved journalists which adhere to the canons of journalism can use our platform at no cost to subscribe to news stories from members and organizations.  When your organization posts a news story, thousands of journalists will be immediately informed of your post.

All mailbox, texting, audio call and group meeting functionality will be internally provided by our platform.  We will consolidate all communication processes across your entire organization.

Imagine not searching for a specific email.  Imagine having a searchable library of all texts you sent.  Imagine not having to remember e-mail addresses or telephone numbers.  We will provide this and while at the same time, all personal contact information will never be exposed since our platform provides all communication internally.

Our society has earmarked a portion of our annual custom software development budget to assist organizations to help deliver their mandate.  Simply put, we will provide your organization with custom software development.  This service is provided for free to help your organization deliver its goodness based mandate.

All organizations we support may contact us to to identify a common challenge (related to your organization type).  Our society will then discuss with you how to improve our platform.  Note we must focus on common improvements which can be applied across many groups or organizations.  We are here to help you and eager to start a conversation.


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