Women’s Rights SB8 Protest – Phase Details

Below are our five phases of social justice activities.  All activities are legal and civil.

Please note phases can occur in any order desired or or run concurrently.

  1. Letter Campaign Protest
  2. Telephone Campaign Protest
  3. Resignation Demand
  4. Recall Petition
  5. Class Action Lawsuits 

Below are details of each phase:

Letter Campaign Protest

  1. This is a collective based protest where many groups and their members participate in a joint letter campaign protest.
  2. Groups may submit their application to participate in collective protests using this link:  https://civilvoicegroups.org//social-movement-group-leaders/.  Our nonprofit will verify each submission, confirm their interest and invite applicants to an online group meeting.
  3. During the online group meeting, we will discuss your questions, concerns and provide additional details.
  4. Each group that confirms their participation will be provided a unique link to post to their social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.)  The link will display a professional, branded graphic that provides a consistent message, leading their followers though the social justice activity while also associating the follower to their specific group.
  5. Participating groups will jointly craft a letter (up to 5 single pages of content).  The last page of content will detail all participating groups (group name, group leader, etc).  Each group will also craft a custom “cover” page which their followers will digitally sign.  All content must be civil.  Demanding requests are expected but they must be civil.  The cover letter should inform the recipient(s) that if their requests are ignored, harsher consequences that affect the recipient will occur.
  6. Recipients of the letter must be defined.  Options are one or more mandatory recipients, optional recipients, rotating recipients (in addition to mandatory).  Recipients may also be selected based upon the location of where the signer resides.  Formal recipient title, name and address are required.  For the SB8 protest, recipients should probably be Greg Abbot – Governor of Texas, Dan Patrick – President of the Senate, Dade Phelan – Speaker of the House and perhaps McCarthy (Republican house minority leader).  Note Abbot, Patrick and Phelan all signed the SB8 bill.  To push back against anti-vaccine & anti-making laws, DeSantis, Abbot, McCarthy and McConnell would probably be recipients.  Each protest designates different recipients. 
  7. The return address is important as it is used to track delivery refusals.  The return address can either be the follower’s address or a common return address shared by all participating groups.  The follower determines which of these 2 addresses will appear in the window envelope.  Note all cover letters will contain a unique (per letter) tracking code displayed in the return address window.  This tracking code is used to flag the letter as being refused.
  8. A verifier may be designated.  The verifier receives a PDF copy of all letters submitted.  This prevents recipients from understating the number of letters were received (aka claiming fake news).
  9. An “Acknowledger” may be designated.  For example, Pelosi or Harris could be assigned this designation, enabling them to automatically generate a 1 page signed “Thank you for your participation” letter (suitable for framing) to all signers.
  10. A “Batch size” is defined.  Batch size can be changed when desired.  When the count of followers that sign the letter reaches the batch size (such as 50,000 or 100,000), the digitally signed cover letter and group letter content is generated into a single letter and digitally generated.  The “Batch” of digital “print format” content is encrypted and securely sent to our DC region based printer.
  11. The printing company prints, folds, stuffs envelopes and USPS 1st class meters the letters, then delivers each batch to a USPS postal sorting facility.  When the letters have been mailed, our printing partner will flag the batch as delivered, enabling our platform to notify the free press and participating groups of a pending delivery (free press coverage).
  12. When a follower digitally signs the cover letter (of which the common content will be appended), the footer of the letter will contain verification information with or without disclosing their identity.  The footer will state the signer has been surname verified, address verified, human verified, that they instigated the effort and paid for the letter (all true).  Note our platform uses the AVS standard, CAPTCHA and other technologies to verify all participants are real.
  13. Upon signing, a PDF of the letter is generated and certificate signed with a time server date/time.  The PDF copy is provided to each participant that digitally signed the letter (providing proof of their effort).
  14. The signer is also provided with an automated ability to post a notice of their activity to their social media followers (Twittter, Facebook, etc).  This helps multiply participation.
  15. All groups, the free press, the “Verifier” and the “Acknowledger” and provided with aggregated demographics of participants (personal information is not provided since the data is aggregated).  The free press may analyze pivots to report their insights.  Groups may use the information to better their reach.
  16. The raw cost of generating each letter ranges from 72 to 85 cents (depending upon batch size) for paper (3 pages double side printed), envelope, printing, letter assembly, sorting and drop off to a postal sorting location. For each recipient letter, 53 cents for metered USPS first-class delivery is required, plus 30 cents for the mandatory PayPal transaction fee (for all letters), plus a PayPal 3.7% fee of the total transaction cost which excludes the PayPal mandatory 30 cent fee per transaction cost. Therefore, the total cost for a follower to send four first-class delivered letters with a batch size setting of 50,000 is USD 3.47.  Note if more or less recipients are chosen, the cost will change.
  17. The participating groups may agree to “round-up” the raw cost to a suitable value.  For example, the 3.47 raw cost, could be rounded up to $5.  The extra funds ($1.53) less the transaction cost percentage increase would then be shared based upon participation counts generated by each group.  Our platform will provide EFT’s or Wire transfers every 2 weeks to all groups, or a single group could be appointed to receive all funds and then perform the distribution process.
  18. When a follower completes the signing process, they become a platform member that is associated with the group of the unique link they clicked.  Groups may now directly communicate with their verified real members, their members may opt-in to volunteer, perform tasks for their group, etc.

This plan provides legislator recipients with factual proof that the participant is real (not bots or fakers).  This plan provides legislators with physical proof of volume.  Legislators will “weigh” these facts and measure their response accordingly.  Legislators will also take notice of the next phases (real) which will generate harsher consequences if they do nothing or become more combative.

Telephone Campaign Protest

  1. Similar to the letter campaign above, a collective of groups is formed.  Each participating group is provided with a new unique link (similar to the letter campaign).
  2. The participating groups craft scripts which their followers will use when they telephone recipient legislators.
  3. Participating groups verify public office telephone numbers of the legislative recipient.  Research will be required to provide instructions such as Press 0, then 2, etc.
  4. Followers that sign up to participate (using the unique link) will state their availability to make the call.  No more than 10 minutes of their time will be required.
  5. Our system will notify followers when they are to be scheduled to make a telephone call.  Followers can reschedule if required.
  6. A text message will be sent to the follower’s mobile phone when the call is to be made.  The day before, a reminder will be sent (allowing the caller to reschedule).  The message will contain a link which displays a web page with the telephone number to call, buttons to press, an authorization CODE and a script to use when making the telephone complaint call.
  7. When on the call, the authorization CODE is disclosed.  This protects the caller as the code can be verified by the recipient.  It is important to disclose the CODE as it ensures that participants cannot be blamed when trolls attempt to cause harm by making abusive calls pretending they are part of this process (they will not have a proper code).
  8. Call results are tracked.  No answer, busy, no longer in service, rude hang-ups, nice call, buttons to press, comments, etc.  Tracking helps ensure that if voice mailboxes become full or a number is changed, our system can real time adjust the instructions for the next set of followers making a call.

Resignation Demand

  1. This protest is a combination of the letter campaign protest with a petition process.
  2. Petitioning (proof of identity) is simplified since all users of the platform are already ID verified.
  3. Petition signing includes providing a legitimate signature or acceptable ID.
  4. This social justice activity also raises funds for participating groups.
  5. Filtering is supported if participants must reside in the same region pertinent to the petition.  For example, the filter could be set to a specific state, a voting district or GPS based region which matches both the participant and petition requirements.

Recall Petition

  1. This activity is similar to the resignation demand but more complex since specific metrics must be accomplished.
  2. Each recall petition starts with forming a collective of groups which also include domain experts that provide leadership to manage the process.
  3. Our platform will automate and tweak workflows and processes based upon the expert guidance provided.

Class Action Lawsuits

  1. Our nonprofit will work with major legal rights organizations (such as the ACLU) to assist in launching massive, class action lawsuits.  Please note at present their is no existing agreement between the ACLU and our organization to work together, it will be their call to accept or ask for our assistance.


We are prepared to host 30 million civic minded people that wish to support rights, health mandates, address gun violence and climate change.

There are many additional details to discuss, information to read and concepts to learn.  For example, how do we prevent scammer groups from participating?  How do we ensure that a follower’s privacy is protected?  What benefits do we provide groups?  What benefits do we provide a groups members?  What about security?  What is our operating model?  We are available to discuss all of these concerns and more.  Just email requests@civilvoicegroups.org