Civility For Everyone

The Civil Voice Groups website and platform will be a safe, civil platform.  Too often, for-profit social media companies fail to monitor content posted by their users. Worse yet, if the offending person is important or well connected, rules are ignored.

Our platform empowers all users with the ability to report offensive discussion group posts, offensive names, lewd or hateful images or conduct that breaches our four cornerstone policies.

  • When 10 or more members report the same offense relating to the same offender, this platform will randomly select 5 “adjudicators” (who have a high trust rating and no knowledge or interactions with the offender nor reporting person) to review the offense WITHOUT disclosing the offending member nor the people who reported it.
  • The adjudicators will then vote if the complaints are deemed valid. If not, complainants will be notified with content that their complaint has been deemed inadmissible with a notice that to not do this again or face punitive consequences.
  • If the decision of adjudicators warrants action, the system will notify the offender (providing a process for the offender to argue the ruling or apologize). At no time will the system identify the trust-based adjudicators.
  • If a response is not provided by the offending member within 3 days of notification, the system will automatically perform the action required as determined by the adjudicators.
  • If the offending member provides a response within 3 days, their argument(s) or apology will be provided to the adjudicators. The adjudicators will then reconsider their vote, approving to perform their previous recommended action or increase, reduce or dismiss the penalty.
  • If the member is permanently banned, they will no longer be able to use our platform.
  • In summary, this fair and mostly anonymous adjudication process ensures that power, position or wealth are never considered (since such is not know) when banning any person or organization using the platform.