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What’s in it for journalists?  Here’s the scoop:

Tap into credible story leads from vetted organizations and millions of verified individual members around the world.  Refine and filter stories by region and categorical subject manner.  As well, join and engage with members and organizations in live discussion and presentation rooms discussing current and emerging hot button legal social justice activities.

Simply put, we want to make your job easier.  We want to help inform you of major, news worthy activities in a timely manner.  We want to connect journalists with the real, verified people and organizations that deliver goodness, defend democracy and advance rights.  We want to help you do what you do best: tell real and compelling stories that fit your interests and focus.

10,000 good stories a day are out there.  We’re bringing a few of them straight to your inbox, or via browser push notifications or optional mobile text notifications if desired.

We also provide journalists with the ability to create a poll or survey where a journalist crafts questions which hundreds of thousands people opt-in to receive.  We will provide statistical aggregated demographic breakdowns of responses by country, state, city, age group, education level, gender identification, race, political leaning, religion, ethnicity and more for each question.  We will provide the similar reports relating to members that participate in social movement and social justice activities.  We will also provide pre-notifications of pending activities that are being launched, pertinent to your opt-in interests and reporting focus.  As well, all journalists will enjoy all features provided to members (regular users).

IMPORTANT:  We will humanly verify all journalist applications.  We will confirm that journalists who apply to use our free platform adhere to the canons of their profession.  If you are associated with organizations deemed as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center or listed on or a blogger from extreme sites, your application will be denied.

When members or organizations submit their video or story content, our Civil Voice Groups Platform will notify journalists within seconds of the submission.

Each time a member or an organization submits a story (text, images, video or audio content), they MUST provide explicit permission to provide their ID verified name, e-mail address and contact information.  If they do not provide this permission, they cannot submit their content.  Members and organizations are also prompted to be “On the Record” or “Off the Record”.  As a professional journalist who adheres to journalism ethics, we know you will respect this.

Journalists will be able to define their specialized interest (categories) and also set location filters.  This ensures our platform only notifies you of stories that interest you.

Our ID verified members opt-in to participate in polls and surveys which match their interests.

Verified news organizations and journalists will be provided the ability to poll or survey our members.  All you will need to do is define your questions and select a category of the survey or poll. Members that subscribe to the same interests will be immediately notified and be prompted to respond. With just a few clicks, you will be able to review the complex analysis of responses which include statistics and demographic breakdowns (age, location, gender, country, education level, political leaning etc.) of real people that have been address verified, GPS address verified, mobility telephone number verified, carrier coverage verified, credit card billing address and surname verified, zip/postal code verified and email address verified. We will also employ advanced technology to prevent bots and troll farms from affecting the statistical data.

A very cool feature is that you will be able to can optionally collect "general public" responses for the same poll or survey provided to our millions of members.  We will provide a link that you can publish in your column which does not require a membership account.  By collecting responses from our verified members and by our platform collecting the responses from the general unverified public, the difference in results could be surprising.  We will provide combined and separate statistics for each demographic.

Note reports will not reveal identities of participants since data is aggregated. Polling and survey results will be available in real time, just logon to view a real time analysis report.

There is no cost for this service, it is 100% free.  With millions of members you will get more than a few good story leads. And you will also be able to conduct polls or surveys which provide trustworthy statistical data from our verified members and non-verified public responders.

Our Civil Voice Groups platform is committed to empowering nonprofits and charities which assist and protect Journalists and the free press.

We will support organizations that defend journalists, help free imprisoned or detained journalists and/or assist their families when hardships arise. This includes efforts to raise funds to cover legal fees and/or provide financial assistance to their families.

We understand the struggle of nonprofit based news organizations.  We will provide our platform to your organization and all staff at no cost. Also, to demonstrate our support and the importance of a free press, nonprofit news organizations will always be suggested at the top of our donation list.

Finally, along with journalists receiving news, video, audio and stories, plus the ability to poll or submit surveys, plus being provided with consolidated feeds about a regional or national protest, all journalists will also be provided with a full membership at no cost. Note all features provided to journalists are filtered to be pertinent to their reporting focus. Additionally, all approved journalists may participate as a member user.

Each journalist application is manually reviewed and approved by real people (humanly verified).  We will verify you, your past articles and the organizations that have published your articles.  We will verify that your articles adhere to the canons of journalism and we may call you.

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