Civil Voice Groups Platform Snapshot

  • This is a Enterprise Class Social Justice platform: custom built to scare the socks off politicians using a multitude of activities, with each subsequent activity generating harsher pushback, including huge class action lawsuits.
  • This is a Social Enterprise platform that streamlines difficult to perform workflows and processes common to all social movement groups.
  • This is a Volunteerism platform: It will provide all volunteer processes: from onboarding and vetting volunteers to assigning tasks, managing tasks, monitoring tasks and reporting progress to higher management.
  • This is a match-making platform where members can volunteer to assist organizations they support and organizations can find people that support their goals and mandates.
  • This is a Trust Based platform: all organizations, their staff and their social media followers (users) and free press journalists are verified.
  • This is a Private platform: Users may choose to use their real profile or their non-identifying anonymous profile whenever desired.
  • This is an opt-in platform: All users set their opt-in engagement settings, opt-in volunteerism settings, opt-in activity settings and opt-in interest settings (130 categories of groups they wish to support).
  • Free Press Integrated: Free Press Journalist accounts provide humanly vetted journalists with special features and access pertinent to their reporting focus.

We designed this platform from the ground up to defend and advance Racial Rights, Voting Rights, Women’s Rights, Climate Change and Common Sense Gun Legislation.

This platform was built to be a powerful tool that leverages millions of existing social movement followers, forming them into an organized collective of civic-minded, progressive people that participate in legal and civil social justice activities to pressure house, senate and state politicians.

Along with providing custom-designed social justice activities, this “Nonprofit Based Social Enterprise” platform has been assessed, scoped and designed to automate workflows and processes common to all social movement groups, nonprofits, charities, and NGOss. For example, this platform was designed to identify volunteers, invite volunteers, onboard and vet volunteers, utilize dynamically generated GPS-based volunteer workgroups, assign and schedule tasks, manage tasks, measure and report progress, raise funds, gain press coverage, etc.

Below are the many aspects and entities this single platform brings together:

  • Integration of social movement groups, vetted nonprofits, charities, NGOs, and PACs (“organizations”).
  • Integration of an organization’s followers, follower’s followers and influencers.
  • Each organization retains complete independence, activity privacy and control of their followers, with options to collaborate with other organizations, utilize shared resources or participate in group collectives to reduce risks, costs and timelines pertinent to common deliverables and goals.
  • Integration and turn-keying of complex operational workflows and processes common to all types (130+) of organizations.
  • Integration with the free press generating initial and sustained coverage while also providing verified free press journalists with features and benefits specific to their reporting focus.
  • Integration of social justice activities.
  • Volunteerism integration.
  • A multitude of integrated fundraising options and processes with built-in cost-based e/commerce, no-cost wire transfers or direct EFT deposits, audit trails, reporting and demographic analysis of funders.
  • Task management integration.
  • Goal management integration.
  • Volunteerism demographic reports with pivot-based spreadsheet analysis (aggregated)
  • Polls and surveys integration with demographic analysis of participants (aggregated)

Privacy & Security:

  • No selling or sharing of personal data whatsoever.
  • No advertising whatsoever.
  • Platform Anonymity (personal privacy): Dual user profiles are simultaneously provided (an anonymous profile and a true ID-verified profile) – to be used when and as desired by each participant pertinent to the trust level of each public or private interaction.
  • All interactions respect user opt-in interests, opt-in interactivity and opt-in volunteer settings.
  • System design prevents bots and fakers from using the platform while also eliminating the entire concept of trolling, creeping, doxing and search engine discovery of all platform users.
  • A fair vote-based adjudication process to warn or temporarily or permanently ban users based upon proof and facts of people accused of not adhering to our society’s four cornerstone policies. This process is performed without disclosing the identity of adjudicators, complainants nor the plaintiff. It also technically confirms that adjudicators (selected due to their earned trust ranking) have never had contact nor been directly exposed to plaintiff actions (using this platform) to ensure a fair “at arm’s length” adjudication process, regardless of the underlying plaintiff’s title, importance or popularity (since such is not disclosed and unknown to adjudicators.)
  • Advanced Security & Network – Enterprise Class firewall protection, nefarious country blocking, DNS attack prevention, commercial hardware, server AV protection, real-time packet inspection, 3 levels of backups including offsite, v-lan switch separation, virtual network adapter port restrictions, dedicated VM’s, BGP routing, unlimited scalability and undisclosed security techniques to identify and ban nefarious users.
  • A “Verified Trust” infrastructure that provides a civil, respectful and healthy atmosphere for all user types (vetted organizations, AVS verified people and scrutinized journalists.)

Efforts to Date

Our volunteer effort to date includes:

  • social movement and nonprofit needs analysis
  • feature set identification
  • underlying technology identification and selection
  • system architecture design
  • load balancing & failover
  • data redundancy (3 levels of backups)
  • database design
  • security & privacy design
  • undisclosed traps that block bots, fakers and hackers
  • feature set legal compliance research & confirmation
  • technology pool resource planning
  • feature set costing and timeline assessment
  • server hosting and bandwidth costing
  • operations budgeting
  • self-sustaining business model determination
  • formal legal privacy policy
  • formal legal terms of use policy
  • legally incorporating our nonprofit in Canada and the USA
  • committee planning
  • deploying the base technology infrastructure supporting our three types of accounts (members, organizations and journalists)

What can this platform be used for?

  • Assisting verified, reputable large international organizations to help deliver their goodness based mandates
  • Simultaneously assist many types of social movement groups, nonprofits and charities using this single, integrated platform
  • Pressure politicians to pass legislation supporting social movement mandates
  • Push back against pesky politicians that impede voting rights, climate change, racial equality…
  • Help get out the vote in 2024, specific to your GEO location or not, your experience, skill set and leadership abilities.
  • Help deliver humanitarian aid (locally, regionally or internationally)
  • Organize or participate in legal and civil protests using turnkey social justice activities
  • Help raise desperately needed funding for organizations you support
  • Raise awareness of your an organization via the platforms free press journalist integration
  • Participate is large polls and surveys to have your voice counted and reported (of which aggregated results do not identify a participant)
  • Perform tasks, schedule tasks or manage tasks to assist social movement groups deliver their goals
  • Participate in smaller, continuous protests which have been designed to schedule and rotate activists for low effort, continuous coverage
  • Submit stories specific to a category that match verified journalist’s opt-in interests and reporting focus