Security & Privacy

Our society is serious about your security and privacy.

Member and Organization Privacy & Security

  • Our platform is non-advertising based. You will not be targeted by advertisers. Your data will not be sold or provided to others.
  • Members are ID verified and yet they can choose anonymity.
  • Members are provided interactivity options and profile settings.
  • Members cannot be discovered using search engines on our platform.
  • Trolling and profile creeping cannot occur.
  • All communication will be internally provided (the system will not expose your personal contact information).
  • All member and organization data will be encrypted.
  • Authentication values are one way encrypted and hashed – only you can logon as you.
  • Mobility App data (Android, iOS) is stored on the device in an encrypted format.
  • Our platform will provide a wipe feature to cleanly remove all data, history and our platform app from your devices.

Back-End Platform & System – Privacy & Security

  • All data transport will be 2048 bit SSL encrypted.
  • All data storage will be encrypted.
  • All content and in-stream data will be virus scanned.
  • Certain countries will be prohibited from accessing our website and platform to reduce attack footprint.
  • Honeypots will be used to attract hacker “flies” which will result in IP address banning.
  • Public Integration API’s will never be provided (no fake accounts or fake content posted).
  • Excessive failed logon attempts will result in IP address banning.
  • Port probing will result in IP address banning.
  • Cloudflare will be utilized to protect against DNS attacks.
  • Symantec Cloud will be installed on all servers.
  • All servers will physically locked down, with UPS and diesel power backup.
  • All data (encrypted) will be backed up to SSD drives, tape and offsite storage (disaster recovery).
  • All hardware will be of commercial quality (Cisco, IBM or HP).
  • All encrypted data storage is mirrored and hot-swappable.
  • All servers will be internally managed.
  • All servers will be load balanced for dynamic scaling and fail-over.
  • Internet connectivity will be BGP fail-over based with 4 different backbone providers.
  • High end Cisco based firewall and smart security switches will be utilized.
  • Separate Development, Staging, Beta and Production environments will be utilized.