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We would be honored if CNN broke this story.

Story | information | details provided below are about a 20 minute read.  Our journey started in 2017, It took our nonprofit NGO years to arrive to this day where we can announce a platform.  Our international launch (8 countries) will defend and advance voting rights, women’s rights, racial rights, and more.  We believe it may also help to reset politics back to a more civil norm.

Gary Campbell (President, Director, Founder) can be reached via email: [email protected] or at (250) 859-3610 (private cell).  All directors can be available for a group interview, we will answer all due diligence questions, we can give you a platform tour on Zoom, etc. Please consider giving us a 24 hour heads up if this story is published as we will need to ramp up our load-balanced servers to host the increased load.


Below is detailed content that CNN may use.  There is far too much content.  Feel free to pluck pieces, reword, etc.


“Stand back” Trump Truth Social, Parler, Gettr, Gab and Frank.  There’s a new kid in town called Civil Voice Groups.  This kid (platform) is very different than you.

Civil Voice Groups is formally announcing our platform launch in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

Our launch will initially support 30 million users, major social movement groups, and thousands of free press journalist accounts (our platform provides free press journalists with an abundance of specialized features and notifications pertinent to their reporting focus).  Our launch will focus on pushing back against the big lie and push forward on legislation to enact minimum federal voting rights.

Our launch will focus on pushing back the big lie and pushing forward to legislate minimum federal voting rights standards.

We believe our launch will be huge.  Why?

Did you know that more than 40 million people in the USA participated in 5 protests over the past 4.5 years?  See List of USA Protests by Size.

These protests occurred on the streets.  Our social justice activity occurs on your desk, in your home, using a turnkey platform that creates a powerful coalition of all major social movement groups and their members, followers and activists.

We believe more people will participate in our voting rights protest than any other protest due to ease of participation and a common goal that is precious to all social movements groups and their followers (voting rights).

This is not a one day protest like most street marches which get short cycle press.  Our social justice plan is comprised of 5 phases, with each phase occurring for weeks, generating multiple news cycles per phase.  Our plan has also been designed to generate consequences if a politician ignores the demands being made.

What this platform is NOT:

This is not a platform where users dive down rabbit holes so deep they can no longer trust their judgment. This is not a platform for angry, screaming-in-your-face people.  This is not a platform that allows bots or fake accounts. This is not a platform where users can be creeped, trolled or doxed.  Conspiracy theories cannot exist here. This is not a cash grab platform that markets cigars, pillows, or vitamins to their user base.

What our platform IS:

This is a platform that has been custom crafted to defend and advance voting rights, women’s rights, racial rights, and LGBT rights. In addition to supporting rights, our platform supports climate change groups, environmental protection groups, and humanitarian-based organizations. Watch our video. Read our snapshot.

This is a real-world solution-focused platform where groups utilize powerful turkey workflows to organize, manage and lead their members. This is a platform where followers and activists help groups accomplish their goals to deliver mandates. Civility and respect reigns supreme here, as does our “do no harm to others or the planet” policies.

This is a “verified trust” platform where all member accounts are surname & address verified, of which their address is cross-verified to their GPS location. All group accounts are vetted to prevent scam organizations or hate groups from using it. All journalist accounts are confirmed to adhere to the canons of their profession. To protect privacy, all members and journalists are provided with dual profiles (their true, ID verified profile and a simultaneous anonymous profile) used whenever desired. This platform prohibits advertising (our users will never become an advertising target).

Who We Are:

We are a group of enterprise-class technology experts who understand that while social media has its place, it is now commonly used as a psychological tool to divide and destroy. We are concerned about climate change, women’s rights, racial rights, and gun violence. We are concerned about the divisiveness of politics that pit citizens against each other.

It took us nearly a year of effort of research and reflection to identify how to best address these challenges. We then incorporated a nonprofit NGO to be the conduit of our goals. We passed by-laws that require our nonprofit NGO to be annually audited to prove this is not a pay-to-play scam. The three founding directors (one Canadian and two USA citizens) and enterprise-class technology volunteers (each of which have proven their ability to the directors for over a decade) then spent four (4) years researching, assessing, planning, designing, time lining, costing and partially implementing this international online platform. By all definitions, this is an enterprise-class platform that is private and safe. We have done much to ensure a harmonious, positive environment. As techies, we know the holes in social media that have negatively impacted society. We have plugged as many holes as we could.

Why did it take us 3+ years to create this platform?

Real world solutions that deliver critical needs to voting rights groups, social movement groups, nonprofits, charities, and local community groups requires deep thought, research, assessment and planning. As such, our infrastructure design that supports 130+ types of groups encapsulates ten (10) different integrated systems:

    • A nonprofit-based social enterprise system (versatile workflows that assist all types of groups)
    • A communication system providing top-down, level-down and level-up correspondence based upon each organization’s unique corporate and management hierarchy.
    • A powerful social justice system designed to change stances of politicians that stand in the way of progress.
    • A volunteerism system that enables people to opt-in to simultaneously assist many types of groups.
    • A volunteerism system to help groups streamline and manage the volunteerism invitation and onboarding verification process.
    • A task assignment system that best utilizes volunteers based upon their physical location, skillset, experience, knowledge, language, remote work ability and/or other attributes (I have a truck or a bus).
    • A task management and goal measurement, with monitoring, dependency identification, % complete, late notifications, etc.
    • A coalition system, where many different groups may jointly plan and manage mass-based activities (of their combined participating followers) to deliver a common goal.
    • A turnkey fund raising system, complete with customizable options & audit trail), where funds can be individually raised by each group or shared across coalition member groups.
    • A polling and survey system, complete with aggregated demographic analysis and pivots (provided to groups and journalists).
    • In the planning stage: We will provide a template based “Get out the Vote” system tweakable to the demographics (of voters) and regional laws for any GPS point based neighborhood, in any city or town, in any state or province or territory, in Canada, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. This system will be offered to legitimate voting rights groups our nonprofit approves.

Our Nonprofit Operating Model:

  • All organizations we humanly approve to use the platform are provided all services at no cost in perpetuity.
  • All journalists we humanly approve to use this platform are provided specialized services at no cost in perpetuity.
  • All members (followers and activists of social movement groups) must pay a $2 USD per year membership fee (less than a penny per day) for unlimited use of our platform. Membership fee funds are used to host and develop the platform. See our budget.
  • Our nonprofit also accepts donations via our GOFUNDME.  Anonymous Crypto donations (3 types) are also accepted. Donations help us jump-start development (such as our “Get Out The Vote” system).


We call upon all social movement groups from the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom to lead their followers and activists to help protect voting rights and perhaps even “reset” American politics. We also call upon all members, followers and activists of social movement groups in these countries to participate in this launch.

Due to 147 GOP politicians voting to not certify the 2020 election, due to pro-trump groups in six states that forged fake electoral college certificates, due to weak politicians that continue to support the big lie, and due to restrictive voting laws that have been passed based upon the big lie, social movement group leaders understand how close the United States of America came to losing democracy-based representation. Social movement leaders also understand that without representation, their goals and mandates (that depend upon legislative change) can never occur.

Phase 1 (of 5) of our launch starts by:

    • Pushing back the big lie.
    • Pushing back to rescind laws that restrict voting rights based upon the big lie.
    • Pushing forward by demanding minimum federal voting rights legislation.

Social movement groups may sign-up to be included in a group discussion meeting with other social movement leaders. During the meeting, we will present phase 1 of our plan, answer questions, address concerns and layout more details.

Below is an ordered summary of our plan:

    • A coalition group (of groups that wish to participate) will be established.
    • Each group will participate in drafting, reviewing and editing a common letter to be sent to opposing politicians.
    • Each group will draft a cover letter for their followers to digitally sign (country based cover letter variants of participants and/or variables pertinent to a citizen’s location or out of country residence will be supported).
    • A signoff process (approval) of the group letter and all cover letters will occur.
    • A number of options will be determined (political recipients, return mailing address, tracking codes, batch size pooling, acknowledger, fund raising options, etc.)
    • Formal approval of participation will then be required.
    • Each approved participating group will then be assigned a unique URL. The URL will display a branded, consistent approved message. Each group will post their unique URL (with an approved consistent hashtag) to their social media accounts, asking their followers to participate.  Hashtag trending will occur.
    • Social movement followers click on the graphic based social media post.
    • Followers will automatically become associated to the organization that provided the link.
    • The participant will be provided a streamlined process to create their platform user account and digitally sign the cover letter.
    • Each signed cover letter will be merged with the group letter. A digital copy is provided to the participant.
    • Raw paper cost, envelope cost, assembly cost, postage cost and handling is paid by the participant (cost per letter ranges from 72 to 85 cents).
    • Participating groups may agree to round up the overall cost. For example, if the signing process results in 4 USPS 1st class mailed letters at a cost of $3.47, the amount paid by the participant could be rounded up to a flat $5.00.
    • The extra funds would then be shared across all participating groups, based upon their participation contribution count. This feature can literally raise millions of funding.
    • Individual signed letters are pooled into “batches”. When the batch count is attained, letters are physically printed (double sided) in Delaware, enveloped, 1st class USPS metered and transported to a postal sorting facility.
    • Journalists are notified of the pending delivery.  Groups and journalists are provided with aggregated demographics reports of the participants (pivotable).
    • The designated “Official Acknowledger” (such as Pelosi, Harris or Biden) may craft a one page thank you participation certificate. Certificate content may not ask for donations.  The PDF certificate thanking them for their participation (suitable for framing) will automatically be emailed to each signing participant.
    • Political target recipients of the letter are provided a tracking code unique to each letter. By manually entering the tracking code, they may paste in a comment which is delivered via various means to the participant. However, the participant’s information (name, mailing address) will never be disclosed to the political recipient to prevent nefarious doxing. This process flags the letter as having a response. Nasty responses (from the recipient) can be provided to the free press. Our reporting system will also inform journalists and participating groups of response / no response counts and rates specific to each political recipient for reporting purposes.
    • Upon completion of this process, groups may now individually (or group blast) their associated followers, based upon the member’s opt-in interaction settings. Groups can now invite them to volunteer, request feedback, invite them to participate in discussions, etc.  Each group and their followers (who are now platform members) will be provided an abundance of benefits.
    • The primary political recipients will probably include McCarthy and McConnell. Other primary recipients can be selected and options will be provided to automatically determine a political recipient based upon participating signer’s address (State location based).
    • We expect tens of millions of citizens from the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom to participate. Assuming 10 million participants, 40 million letters (from ID verified people) would be generated and delivered to the political recipients. This will gain a politicians attention. Some politicians will immediately change their stance. Others will not.  As such, our system will provide the ability to dynamically change political recipients without interruption.

If letter demands are ignored or not met, phase 2 will be simultaneously launched. If ignored, the same will occur with phase 3, then phase 4 and then phase 5 . Each successive phase will result in further negative news stories and harsher political consequences to political recipients.  All activities are instigated and performed by real people (internal tracking logs will prove such).  The end result is that politicians will quickly realize they need to honor the vote of their constituents or face the consequence-based music.

Social movement leaders may apply here to participate in this launch. Members, followers and activists of social movement groups may join here. Journalists may join here.

Launch Benefits:

Our launch helps social movements become familiar with a process their group can reuse to launch activities that address their other specific needs (such as climate change, pushing back SB8 detrimental to women’s rights, address racial inequality, gun violence, trade tariffs, etc.)  But first and foremost, voting rights need to be protected.

Our processes and workflows also help social movement leaders understand the massive power of a “coalition approach” which creates a dynamic voting bloc too large, too organized and too empowered for politicians to ignore.

Politicians will understand that legitimate citizens have now become organized and empowered, and that their legal, civil and respectful actions can crush their political career. Since our social justice activities generate quantitative and visible actions performed by ID verified people, a politician is provided the means to measure and weigh consequences.  By providing vetted free press journalists with special features (pre-notifications, analysis pivots, status reports) and by designing each phase to generate constant negative press, politicians are forced to address critical social issues.  This is now democracy is supposed to work.

Social movement followers will see hope. They will know their participation can make a difference. They will feel rewarded by performing a civic activity and being acknowledged by very important people.  They will feel their effort has made a positive difference.  They will also feel empowered to use this integrated platform to defend and advance their concerns daily, weekly or 365 days per year.  By doing so, they become engaged to vote and help out turn out the vote.


It took us 3 years to arrive to this day and announce our launch.

Our launch attempts to defend voting rights, women’s rights, racial rights, LGBT right and more. We have attempted to create processes and an atmosphere that is legal, civil, respectful yet demanding. Our approaches embody the essence of democracy.

In over a year, no proof has been provided which proves that the election was fraudulent. Trump stated many times that such proof would be provided in two weeks. 26 periods of 2 weeks have now passed without Trump providing such proof. All recounts and audits have proven Trump’s claims were lies. Sixty (60) of his legal challenges were laughed out of court. One day, perhaps only weeks from now, Trump supporters will realize that he lied to them and turn on him.

Every citizen must be provided the right to easy access to voting.  Every citizen must have expectations that their vote is counted and respected.  The will of the people must never be rescinded based upon nothing more than the big lie to massage a now powerless man’s fragile ego.

Now is the time for citizens in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom help the USA defend democracy. After all, the blood spilled on January 6th based upon the big lie can too easily bleed into other countries. Now is the time for USA citizens that voted for Trump to state that while they initially believed the election was stolen, after giving Trump an entire year to provide proof the election was fraudulent, with all of his claims now being proven to be false, they can no longer believe him.  In Trump’s own words “If you cannot deliver, no one will believe you”.  We have hit this mark.

The great people of the United States of America need our help.  They have been the stalwart of democracy for centuries.  They have defended us in wars.  Their efforts have protected us.  Now is the time to for us to give back.

It is also now time for Americans, Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders and citizens from the UK to work together, in a democratic manner, to help the USA push back against the big lie and push forward to defend voting rights by enacting minimum, bipartisan, federal voting rights legislation which all USA states must adhere to.  Join us.

Social movement leaders may apply here to participate in this launch.  Members, followers and activists of social movement groups may join here. Journalists may join here.

Thank you for taking time to read, digest and consider this content for publication.


Gary Campbell (Canada) (President, Director)
Gus Emery (USA) (Vice President, Director)
Bill Bradley (USA) (Chair Person, Director)